Taking a stand for the future

3 Jul 2020

With more than 50 youth speakers, 2,500 young people from 133 countries, as well as thousands engaging on social media, we have sent a clear message: youth have the skills, knowledge and will to redefine decision-making and reframe the environmental movement.

We are #GenerationRestoration

3 Jul 2020

While countries around the world slowly emerge from lockdowns, on 2 Juneyoung people across the globe are embarking on a journey to become ‘Generation Restoration’ and collectively work to restore our landscapes – for people and the planet. Register now for this exciting opportunity to join experts on the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, leaders of global youth organizations, and young practitioners in restoration, in an inspiring dialogue on restoration and youth action.

Youth unite to “Restore Our Planet”

30 Apr 2020

The entire world may be on lockdown, but we can still restore the planet from our homes. On 2 June 2020, YIL and GLF will host a global digital event in the lead up to GLF Bonn 2020 tackling important themes around restoration and youth action! An exciting new opportunity will also be announced, so make sure to register now.

What does the next decade look like for youth?

31 Mar 2020

Claim your spot for the Youth in Landscapes (YIL) digital forum. Limited availability! Youth from around the globe will gather digitally to answer important questions: What are the synergies between restoration and climate action? What are young people doing to restore the land and address climate change?

Break new ground at GLF Bonn Digital Summit

27 Feb 2020

At the GLF Bonn Digital Summit, share your land restoration story with the world. Are you working on a land restoration project? Are you involving your community? If you are a young person working in restoration, reach out to Anna Bucci at with a 200-word paragraph summarizing your story, work or project.

Learn more about upcoming opportunities and different ways of getting involved with the Youth in Landscapes Initiative