We invite all YIL alumni to join a growing global movement of over 1 million young people to share experiences, ideas, and opportunities for promoting more just and sustainable landscapes worldwide.

You are considered part of the YIL alumni network if you have previously: 

  • Joined a YIL program or event as a youth participant*;
  • Been part of a YIL project team; or
  • Contributed to a YIL program as a youth moderator or speaker. 

There are currently many YIL alumni across the world who are directly applying lessons from GLF and YIL programs to their landscapes. Most of our alumni now work in leading environmental local and global organizations, and some have also started their own organizations.    

*Participation at YIL events is defined as having been selected from a public contest or having received a personal invitation to join.

The YIL community is always filled with vibrant, creative and courageous young talents. We don’t want to lose track of each other and the path everyone takes!

That’s why we’ve set up a YIL Alumni Registry, and we would love to hear about your current projects and interests so we can come back to you with further development opportunities as they arise.

Objectives of the YIL Alumni Registry

  1. Create connections. We’d love to keep in touch with all YIL Alumni. We also believe that shining a light on your career paths and projects through blog entries and interviews can increase your network impact among peers – and perhaps even provide your next career opportunity.
  2. Pool talents. YIL, in collaboration with international partners, plans over 20 events every year, and we often ask ourselves: who among the YIL Alumni could be the next speaker? Sign up and you might have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise at upcoming GLF, GLFx or YIL events.
  3. Keep on learning. Lifelong learning is at the core of a landscape leader’s path. We want to stay in touch with you as your career develops – and provide access to unique learning opportunities along the way.
  4. Take it further. There are many other opportunities for engagement and collaboration across the Registry – for example, becoming a co-author of YIL alumni knowledge briefs.

All in all, getting to know how our YIL Alumni are performing out there, with concrete solutions to real problems, helps us measure the success of the manifold YIL training and learning opportunities.

YIL project teams invite youth and YIL alumni to volunteer and contribute to organizing and designing programs for specific events and projects. Project teams may be annual or event-related. They bring essential contributions in various areas:

  • Event development – the team mainly focuses on youth activities around a GLF event
  • Program development & partnership – the team supports any activity that is not event-related, e.g. Youth GLF Lives, Restoration Stewards Program, and more. The team also supports outreach to key partners. 
  • Communication & outreach – the team supports the Youth Social Media Consultant in outreach activities.

Become a YIL Project Team Volunteer now 

Use the following interactive map to scroll through our active registry of YIL Alumni, and get to know their projects and latest developments.

Learn more about upcoming opportunities and different ways to get involved with the Youth in Landscapes Initiative by joining YIL's newsletter or following YIL on social media.