28 Feb 2023

“Every COP that I’ve been to has shaped my thinking, and in a really global kind of way. I’m working in a local context, but it’s always nice to look at what’s happening at the global level and try to translate that to the work I’m doing. I always felt like there was a disconnect between what is happening at the top, which at the highest level is the COP, and on the ground.” Adrian Leitoro 2022 Drylands Restoration Steward and the of Founder, Nature and People as One (NAPO)


26 Jan 2023

“The past year has flown by for me, but looking back, my heart is filled with gratitude, joy and hope for the future. Being the GLF’s 2022 Forest Restoration Steward has contributed enormously to these fond memories. Since I was officially announced as a Restoration Steward on the International Day of Forests (21 March) last year 2022 (super timely), my days have been filled with the new opportunities and program activities that came along.” Eva Makandi (Kandi), 2022 Forest Restoration Steward and the Founder of Light on a Hill Organization (LOAH)

20 Dec 2022

“We need to enhance community by building really strong trust with communities and governments that restoration is for our good, and for the good of the environment.” Camille Rivera GLFx Mindanao Chapter Coordinator, 2021 Wetlands Restoration Steward and the Co-founder of Oceanus Conservation 

GLF Breaking distance: join the next level of digital conversation

26 Aug 2021

Due to high-demand, we have added one more day to the GLF Amazonia conference! Tickets are now available – and we’re offering free admission to all Latin American and Caribbean residents. On 21–23 September, join GLF Amazonia for a conversation with Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendants, local communities, scientists, practitioners, activists, investors and more as we discover ways to restore and conserve Amazonia for people and the planet.

3 days to go to earn 5000 Euros – be the next Restoration Steward

29 Jul 2021

Are you restoring your landscape? Share your project with us and be the next Restoration Steward! Receive EURO 5000, plus mentorship and networking opportunities. Apply now and take your project to the next level.

Ready to win some prizes for restoring the Earth?

29 Jun 2021

Exciting news! Applications are now open for the 2022 Restoration Stewards program. We’ll be selecting five young restoration practitioners to receive sponsorship, mentorship, networking, learning and more. Apply now to win EUR 5,000 to take your project to the next level.

3,500+ strong

27 May 2021

On 2-3 June 2021, Africa’s drylands will be in the spotlight at the GLF Africa Digital Conference: Restoring Africa’s Drylands. The conference will tackle issues of land degradation, climate change, conflict, and migration. Expect 7,000 attendees, with over 90% hailing from across the African continent, and 200+ speakers. Tune in to the Youth Daily Shows, which will feature eight young experts in four interactive sessions, and hear from the finalists of our video challenge.

Join the youth leading Africa’s landscape restoration

27 Apr 2021

Did you know? Almost half of Africa's surface is categorized as drylands, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO). Drylands are particularly vulnerable to degradation and climate change, and restoring them is essential to the food security and livelihoods of more than 525 million people across Africa. On 2-3 June 2021, GLF will host a digital conference focused entirely on restoring Africa’s drylands, and on how integrative restoration practices can see them flourish once again. Earlybird tickets close

Africa’s landscapes need (you)th

30 Mar 2021

Did you know? By 2030, the youth population in Africa could reach 1.3 billion. Young people are not only one of the largest demographics in Africa, but also bring the greatest enthusiasm, creativity and potential to innovation and restoration. On 2-3 June 2021, GLF will host a digital conference focused entirely on restoring Africa’s drylands, which stretch over two-thirds of the continent’s land area and are home to around 45% of its population – and they’re particularly vulnerable to degradation and climate change.

Join us for a virtual road trip

25 Feb 2021

After last year’s successful digital journey on biodiversity, this year the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) is taking you on a virtual ‘road trip’ to check out restoration practices across Africa’s drylands. If you’re a student or young professional with a strong interest in restoring Africa’s drylands, concerned about the degradation of your ecosystem, and eager to act, this trip is for you.

6 countries, 6 restoration projects

15 Feb 2021

Need some restoration inspiration, or just a chance to travel virtually to diverse corners of the globe and see new landscapes through local eyes? In this special edition of the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) newsletter, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Restoration Stewards blogs. This year, Camille, Marlon, Charity, Analì, Sumarni and Grace will share their restoration stories, including successes, challenges, progress and experiences.

4 must-attend events & a big welcome to Youth 4 Nature

27 Jan 2021

This year, get involved with the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL). Contribute to YIL’s 2021 program by joining a project team: social media, fundraising, and project or event development.

Youth activists demand 4 changes from governments. Why?

13 Jan 2021

In this special edition of the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) newsletter, we’re excited to announce the launch of an open letter that serves as the preamble to seven biodiversity policy recommendations. Both documents were compiled and written by the Global Landscapes Forum’s youth community.

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